“Why should I pay a Realtor?”



“Why should I pay you to sell my house?”

I’m sure this will be by far one of the most difficult topics to cover. In fact, it’s probably about as uncomfortable for you as it is for me! Before I jump into a long list of reasons, I want to ask you a few questions. First, why do you take your car to a technician? I’m sure you could go to AutoZone or eBay to find the parts you need and there have to be manuals somewhere you can read. Why do you pay a contractor to construct and tile your brand new master bathroom? As a Realtors® we work for the same reasons; we specialize. We are working in the real estate market every single day and we spend countless hours on the phone marketing and negotiating for you!

We are experts in real estate. We know how to take the best pictures, what to offer with your home and how to make people understand that they will love your home just as must as you did. As a Realtor®, I had to pass schooling as well as National and State testing. In addition, I have to continue in education to keep updated on ethics, new laws and procedures. Aside from education, we understand that your home is most likely your biggest purchase. Your daughter’s growth is measured on the bedroom door jam and the swing in your backyard is where your son broke his wrist. Those four walls represent more to you than just a house and it makes the process emotional. As Realtors® we can offer you objective opinions on what your home is worth and what can be changed to increase it’s value on the market. I love this job because I get to hear all of your memories from house you’re selling and help you find the perfect home to create new ones!

I understand that often Realtors® have a bad reputation. As much as you think you’ve heard horror stories, we’ve probably worked with worse. Not every Realtor® out there is meant for you and that is the beauty of it all! You get to choose who fits best with your needs. You get to find that person who cares so much about helping that you become lifelong friends.

I spend every day building relationships and I hope that you will give Realty Professional Group, LLC a chance to find the beauty in your home. As always, feel free to e-mail or call me with any questions you may have, I look forward to helping you!




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